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  • What is the Pubic Service Broadcasting Initiative?

    The Public Service Broadcasting Initiative was formed by a group of independent Egyptian media professionals and academics in 2011. We aim to support media development in Egypt through the production of cutting edge and innovative television programs that inform, educate and entertain .

    One of the fundamental objectives of the initiative is to produce public service broadcast orientated program formats and model for Egyptian television.  We hope that our efforts will contribute to developing the quality, professionalism and diversity of Egyptian television broadcasting and encourage others to put PSB values at the heart of their production activities and values.


    Awel el-Khayt

    “Awel el-Khayt” (The Thread) is one of Egypt’s first long-form investigative series. “Awel el-Khayt” is a mixed format investigation and discussion program that tries to get to the bottom of Egypt’s most deep seated political, economic and social realities in an environment that remains hostile to... Read More

    Egypt’s Governorates

    Most Egyptians know that our country is poor, its provinces neglected, its unemployment figures rising and its health care system chronically under-resourced, but do we actually know the scale and scope of our national under-development? In the run-up to the first parliamentary elections in the wake of... Read More

    Egypt’s Parties

    Party political broadcasts are a television feature of democracies around the world. Typically these broadcasts are relatively simple in terms of their production and differ quite significantly from party advertisements. Although legally contesting elections since the late 1970’s Egypt’s political parties have never been... Read More


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